Tattoo contests – Amsterdam Tattoo Convention 2015

As every year, the tattoo convention is visiting Amsterdam. If you are into tattoos and piercing, there is not much to tell you about it. It more like wonderland for Alice or Never-land for Pieter pen.
However, if you are not into any body modifications, it is still a very interesting fair to visit. This is truly art being performed on people and just watching the results is worth visiting the event.

Apart for getting a tattoo yourself , you can also see the competitions taking place every day of the event. The details are as follows:
Opening hours:
Friday May 29th: 14.00 – 23.00 (exhibitors from 8.30)
Saturday May 30th: 11.00 – 22.00 (exhibitors from 10.00)
Sunday May 31st: 11.00 – 20.00 (exhibitors from 10.00)

Entrance fee:
Friday May 29th: Day ticket 10,- euro
Saturday May 30th or Sunday May 31st: Day ticket 18,- euro
Weekend ticket: 42,- euro
Free entrance for children up to 11 years old – one child per adult and under their own supervision.

Tickets are sold at the door during the convention, there is no presale.

Make sure you first visit the website of the artist you want to get tattooed by and try to make an appointment before the convention starts. Do not use alcohol or drugs at least 24 hours before you get tattooed and don’t forget to eat and drink!
Please note: every visitor who gets tattooed at the convention can pick up a free tube of Bepanthen after care ointment at the information stand. This is an action of Bepanthen/Bayer Health-Care and Coldskin tattoo supply.
Sharon and Samantha from DARE 2 WEAR Piercing Studio Amsterdam will be piercing during the convention. Do you have any special requests/questions – please contact them through their website:
Every category must at least have 10 participants to proceed. At the competition best of show, all 3 best-of day’s must be present. The jury will look at the tattoos without knowing the name of the artist who made it. For this reason, it is very important not to tell the name of the artist at the registration. The tattoo will be judged for design, artwork, composition, placement, proportion and originality. Participating in a category costs 5,- euro. See more info under
The contests are divided in the following categories and open for the visitors (participating is possible also with “old” tattoos):
Friday 29/05/2015

19.45- LETTERING/TEXT tattoos & TRIBAL tattoos (registration till 19.30)
21.45- BEST OF DAY (registration till 21.30)

Saturday 30/05/2015

16.00- OLD SCHOOL tattoos (registration till 15.45)
17.45- COLOR tattoos (registration till 17.30)
19.00- ORIENTAL tattoos & DOT work tattoos (registration till 18.45)
20.45- BEST OF DAY (registration till 20.30)

Sunday 31/05/2015

15.00- SLEEVES tattoos & BACK-PIECE tattoos (registration till 14.45)
17.00- BLACK &GRAY (registration till 16.45)
18.15- BEST “tattooed”/painted wooden shoe (registration till 18.00) – just for stand holders!
18.30- BEST OF DAY (registration till 18.15)
19.45- BEST OF SHOW (competition between 3 best of days) Will only take place when all 3 winners are present.

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